Audiobooks—and my “Christmas markets” vacation!

Thank you!

November was a big month for me. I released two books (Fling and Trust) and had TWO titles hit the New York Times bestseller list (Wrong and Trust). All three books hit the USA Today list as well. I am so, so grateful for the support and encouragement from you that makes this possible. As an author I can (and do) run countless ads and contests, but truthfully I feel like my success happens in the quiet moments when you tap your friend and say, “Let me tell you about this book,” and for that, thank you. For every like, comment, share, follow, newsletter sign-up, and nudging of a friend to try my books, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Audiobooks are available now

Finally! All four books are available on audio. If you’ve never tried audio before, now’s the time. These are pretty amusing, if I do say so myself. Erin Mallon narrates all four books and she nails it. Lance Greenfield joins her in Fling and Trust for the male POVs, and I think these are worth a listen if you do nothing more than imagine how mortified I was reviewing the audio for approval. Amazon has whispersynch’d the first two books, meaning if you bought the ebook from them, you can get the audio for $1.99. I expect Fling and Trust will be synch’d on the price soon!

Wrong on Audio ➜
Right on Audio ➜
Fling on Audio ➜
Trust on Audio ➜

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My winter vacation

I just got back from a “Christmas markets” vacation in Europe. I love the Christmas markets in Europe. There’s nothing like it. Here’s a few pics of my trip. It was with a tour vacation company where they bus you from location to location. It started in Munich and ended in Zurich.

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Are you interested in a giveaway? My friend BJ Harvey is the author of The Bliss Series, an erotic romantic comedy. I’ve got 5 e-copies of the box set to give away to winners from my newsletter.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your books! I would love an additional one that shows them years in the future with their kids falling in love! Can’t wait to see what you write next! You are awesome! I purchase both the eBooks and audiobooks. You are very talented!

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