LOVE IN TRANSIT cover reveal

Love In Transit

Coming June 1: LOVE IN TRANSIT.

What if you gave a group of authors one blurb, and with no further instructions asked them to write that story? That’s what I did and I can't wait to share the results—and the pretty cover—with you. LOVE IN TRANSIT features stories from me and five of my favorite authors: Raine Miller, Kitty French, Ainsley Booth, BJ Harvey, and Liv Morris.




Over a year ago I had an idea...
What if you handed a group of authors the same blurb and with no further instructions asked them to write that story?

My assumption was that in the end none of the stories would look the same. I knew from the get-go that the blurb would involve a girl in a wedding dress having a pretty bad day. And a mention of her in that dress on public transportation. From there I sat on the idea for a long time, fantasizing about who might want to do this...

Audiobooks—and my “Christmas markets” vacation!

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Thank you!
November was a big month for me. I released two books (Fling and Trust) and had TWO titles hit the New York Times bestseller list (Wrong and Trust). All three books hit the USA Today list as well. I am so, so grateful for the support and encouragement from you that makes this possible. As an author I can (and do) run countless ads and contests, but truthfully I feel like my success happens in the quiet moments when you tap your friend and say, “Let me tell you about this book,” and...