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For my U.S. readers, I have some amazing news to share about a FREE eBook program that I am part of in 2017! It’s called Romance Read of the Month Club, and members receive one FREE book per month! Membership is FREE, and books are exclusively free to members only! I am excited to be one of the featured authors this year. Check out the list of all of the incredible authors you will receive free books from by joining: (more…)

Audiobooks—and my “Christmas markets” vacation!

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Thank you!
November was a big month for me. I released two books (Fling and Trust) and had TWO titles hit the New York Times bestseller list (Wrong and Trust). All three books hit the USA Today list as well. I am so, so grateful for the support and encouragement from you that makes this possible. As an author I can (and do) run countless ads and contests, but truthfully I feel like my success happens in the quiet moments when you tap your friend and say, “Let me tell you about this book,” and...

NYT x 2!

I've just had the best week ever. TWO novels at the same time on the New York Times bestseller list? And THREE at the same time on USA Today? I'm blown away. And so incredibly thankful.

USA Today Bestsellers
Wrong #30
Trust #31
Fling #89

NYT Ebook Bestsellers
#9 Wrong
#10 Trust

NYT Combined Print & Ebook Best Sellers
#18 Wrong
#20 Trust

I can't believe 13 months ago I hit publish for the first time. Heck, I can't believe 24 months ago it was just occurring to me to write Wrong. If you've read the end of book notes on Trust you know it's...

TRUST is on sale today—and get WRONG for 99¢!


Today's the day! Trust is out now. I am sort of over the moon in love with Chloe & Boyd. I'm not sure I've ever been this excited for a release day! Download Trust at the following retailers:

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iTunes: (more…)