Over a year ago I had an idea…

What if you handed a group of authors the same blurb and with no further instructions asked them to write that story?

My assumption was that in the end none of the stories would look the same. I knew from the get-go that the blurb would involve a girl in a wedding dress having a pretty bad day. And a mention of her in that dress on public transportation. From there I sat on the idea for a long time, fantasizing about who might want to do this with me and trying to summon up the courage to ask.

I started with Raine Miller. And holy shit, you guys, she said yes. Raine fucking Miller said yes! The creator of Ethan Blackstone said yes! Fan girl down! With Raine on board we chatted about who else might be interested, and before I knew it we assembled this great group of authors: Kitty French, Ainsley Booth, BJ Harvey, and Liv Morris. Women I admire and am thrilled to be working with.

So with everyone on board we chatted and finalized the blurb (scroll down to read it). A bad day, a wedding dress, an embarrassing ride on public transit. Enough to give you an idea of the story you’re getting. Yet you’ll notice a lot is left to interpretation. What city is she in? What’s her name? Is she going to a wedding? Running from a wedding? Maybe she’s just having a really bizarrely bad day at work. I don’t know. I mean, I know what my girl is up to and what her story is. But the other five stories? I’ll find out when you do.

LOVE IN TRANSIT will publish on all platforms June 1 and will remove from sale on August 31! Yes, paperbacks will be available too! They will be on Amazon from June 1 through August 31. You will also be able to purchase paperbacks from authors on their websites or at signings for however long they choose to stock them.

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Love in Transit



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  1. I love your books…you are so witty ajf funny whlie still making it exciting to read. Please continue to publish books…i camt wait

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