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  1. I absolutely fell in love with Wrong, and therefore when I heard that you were releasing Right I preordered and counted the days down. I’m a huge romance novel fan, and I have read a lot to say the least. So when I fall in love with a book it’s amazing because it has to take my breath away. I loved reading Everly’s story and it had an amazing ending. I just wish the epilogue was a bit longer or more towards the future, like the epilogue in Wrong but it was still amazing. I hope you continue writing these amazing stories, you truly are an amazing author.

    P.S. I hope the next one’s about Chloe.

  2. I love almost everything about this book! I have read your previous book, wrong and loved it so much that I even reread it a few times which is pretty rare for me ( aside from when I don’t have Wi-Fi connection or data connection and have to pick from something I already have on my Kindle app LOL )! I happened to stumble upon this, due to a referral from another book I had just finished reading and immediately when I saw the title and the author I went straight to Amazon and purchased it! I love everything about the development of Everly and the twist this book took! I loved hearing from Sawyer in the epilogue, however I too would have liked to seen somewhat farther in the future, like the epilogue from Luke in wrong was. I also secretly hope that your next novel is about Chloe, while maybe giving us a snippet of future life for Everly and Sawyer, with Jake of course! You have a true talent, rarely do I find myself smirking like a fool and laughing out loud while reading novels. My coworkers probably think I’m nuts!

  3. Loved this book! Loved Wrong also! You are a very talented writer! I was constantly laughing out loud! I truly hope you keep your craft and continue with these vivacious girls…Chole and even Sandra as well. When you fall in love with book characters it’s a sad day when that book ends…that is why series have gotten so fun and exciting…you get to stay updated on their lives like your own little book family! I hope you do that for us Jana!! I love this book family I know in Wrong you forward to the future cause you thought it was your only book but I hope you didn’t do that in Right because you realize now that we all love you and are going to continue to bug you until you give us more! That way we can read the future with your future books hopefully!! Thank you! Haha

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